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Roadside pickings

A few weeks ago we stayed in a hogan on the Navajo reservation, road tripped around the four corners area and visited the ruins of an ancient people. Along the way, I forced the always patient Jimmy-Jo to stop on high desert roadsides so I could gather wildflowers as a token of my trip and also for some dye tests- Im trying to be better at plant recognition and just general knowledge for natural dyeing. I brought along my southwest plant book and pressed the flowers between its pages. Pressed flowers will always remind me of my mom and grandma so its a sweet nice feeling taking out my tokens from my trip along with some "cool rocks" and other random things I swiped from the landscape of Colorado and Arizona. 

PS. This Rabbitbrush is pretty cool and was used hundreds of years ago to by the Navajo to dye fiber yellow for their weavings. I harvested a bagful but havent dyed with it quite yet. 

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